[l2h] Re: How do I use an EPS in PDF and HTML?

Jörg Bröker jbroeker@loytec.com
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 13:37:43 +0200

latex2html-request@tug.org schrieb:
> I am trying to work out (with zero success) how to build a document
> which includes an EPS which can then be processed by pdflatex and
> latex2html.
> Is this even possible?
> Can someone please send me some tex fragments which would allow me to
> build a minimal document which includes an EPS?

pdflatex needs its images as .PDF. I solved the problem like this:
o) Convert all images from .EPS to .PDF with epstopdf.
o) Use "\DeclareGraphicsExtensions{.eps}" resp.
"\DeclareGraphicsExtensions{.pdf}" to set the right graphics
extension/format for latex2html or pdflatex. I think you need to use the
graphicx package to do that.
o) Specify the filename of an image included with \inlcudegraphics
without an extension. With the \DeclareGraphicsExtensions command
latex2html and pdflatex will use the right image file.

To be able to use pdflatex and latex2html with the same latex source
files I use two different "header" files and include the document body
which is the same for the latex2html and for the pdflatex version with
the \input command.

Hope that helps,


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