[l2h] Minipage env

Reed, Martin J mjreed@essex.ac.uk
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 15:41:56 +0100


I am trying to use the minipage environment to typset some text next to a eps 

The code might look like:

In latex this appears:

test   <the picture>

In html this appear:

<the picture>

At the moment I get round this by defining an environment FigL of FigR that 
uses \html\latex conditionals to include a minipage in a table for the html 
but not for pure latex.

i.e. the macros create code like:

This does port between latex/dvips and latex2html to give similar style.

Is there any other way round this using pure minipage without the tabular 

Maybe a Q to any pure Latex gurus out there: Is using the minipage 
environment to typset two objects side by side bad style in Latex and is it 
better to use tabular to layout such objects in addtion to minipage? I find 
that using minipage works in Latex (but not Latex2html) as long as you 
specify the widths correctly and is less typing than my second version. 
Defining macros is OK but not as flexible.


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