[l2h] latex2html-2kbeta problems

Horvath Arpad ahorvath@ns.szgti.kando.hu
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 17:57:39 +0200 (CEST)

  Dear latex2html Users,

I have some problem with latex2html
1.  When I wrote

latex2html -dir new_directory

latex2html-2Kbeta did not do the new_directory (latex2html-97 done it)
but stopped. It is a bug or something else?

2. I translated a file with it and it wrote (with RedHat 6.0):

************ begin ********************
texexpand V2K.1beta (Revision 1.11)

texexpand: Error: Cannot open style file '/TMP/styles': No such file or
 texexpand  failed: No such file or directory
********** End **************
What could be the problem.
(There is an empty ./TMP directory)

The file is at

3. When I installed the latex2html-2Kbeta, it has done /usr/local
directory (and a lot of directory in it).  There is not such directory in
RedHat  normally.  There are many files which are in /usr/local and
/usr/share too.  What could I remove, if I want to spare disk

4. There is a good news too. When there are not problems, it works very
well, and write 'Next' 'Abstract' 'Table of contents' etc. in Hungarian
me 8-)  (I have translated these words in l2hconf.pm.  The changed parts
are in the file:

Horvath  Arpad