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Jane L. Bain jlb40@cornell.edu
Tue, 19 Jun 2001 13:36:41 -0400

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Dear Subscribers:

I am new to this list and have never used LaTex, so please bear with me. I 
have the new responsibility of posting ecological archive data to the Web 
for the Ecological Society of America, and have some authors who do use 
Latex (and the LaTex2html converter). My question concerns png images. We 
recently received a set of files from an author who had used the latest 
beta version of the Latex2html converter and successfully converted all his 
equations to separate png images. However, every single one of them have an 
annoying black drop shadow effect which ends up looking like a heavy black 
border around half of every equation when viewed in a browser (example 
attached). Other than going in and cropping each image individually (he has 
hundreds) in an image editor, is there something I can tell him that can 
fix that problem globally or more easily? When I view the html code the 
border size is always designated as zero, so that doesn't seem to be the 
problem. I don't know in detail what he did during the conversion process. 
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Jane Bain
Data Archives Manager
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