[l2h] little bug in configure script

Hendri Hondorp G.H.W.Hondorp@cs.utwente.nl
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 13:56:45 +0200 (MET DST)

Running configure latex2html-2K.1beta.tar.gz.

We have some versions of perl on our system (Sun Solaris 2.6):
	- perl, version perl4.036
	- perl5, version perl5.00404
	- perl5.6, version perl5.6.0
Do not ask me why? I think because a lot of people are using different

As you see the command 'perl' is perl < perl5 !!

I can set PERL=<PATH>/perl5 or --with-perl=<PATH>/perl5 to let configure
find out perl version 5. But at line 1074 is mentioned:
eval `perl -w -e 'use cfgcache; foreach(keys %cfg) { print qq($_='"'"'$cfg{$_}' "'"'\n);}'`

I think it's better to use $PERL instead of perl so:
eval `$PERL -w -e 'use cfgcache; foreach(keys %cfg) { print qq($_='"'"'$cfg{$_}' "'"'\n);}'`

otherwise an error occurs at the end of configure:
  checking if multiple pipes work... yes
  checking for temporary disk space... /tmp
  creating cfgcache.pm
  Note: Will install...
  ... executables to   : /usr/local/bin
  ... library items to : /usr/local/lib/latex2html
  "use" may clash with future reserved word at /tmp/perl-eknayLI line 1.
  syntax error in file /tmp/perl-eknayLI at line 1, next 2 tokens "use cfgcache"
  Execution of /tmp/perl-eknayLI aborted due to compilation errors.
  updating cache ./config.cache

When I change 'perl' in line 1074 in $PERL it works.

Greetings from Holland,
	Hendri Hondorp
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