[l2h] Problems

Adam Tee eenajt@electeng.leeds.ac.uk
Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:53:51 +0000

When I run latex2html on a report that I have written
I get some strange results.

Firstly, some of the nodes are repeated, in this the
text in the main tex file is fine it the \include files 
which get put in the wrong place.  The first occurence of each 
node has thye wrong \include file.

The document has a normal report structure, using section, subsection etc.

Secondly, the figures in the document are not produced correctly, they are
the correct image.  I have a combination of ps and eps files.

The command I ran was

latex2html -antialias -no_math -html_version 3.2,math grammarreport.tex

with latex2html version 99.1

Can anyone help.


Adam Tee
Postgraduate Research Student
Dept of Electronic & Electrical Engineering and Dept of Music
University of Leeds