[l2h] suggestion small amendment to to config/config.pl

André Steenveld a.steenveld@mailbox.kun.nl
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 11:48:05 +0100

Dear sir,

During installation of latex2html on windows 95 I encountered some problems
(whitch are already known according to the script!) It took me half a day to
find out and I suggest the following amendment to config/config.pl
(For OS2 you might put this attention in signal too, about 4 lines above.)

$ diff config.org.pl config.pl
>       # dvips may wait for input. Alert user.
>       logit("(dvips might want input, type ^z to continue) ");

Resulting in the following messages on screen:

checking for dvips... D:\USR\TEXMF\MIKTEX\BIN\dvips.exe
checking dvips version... (dvips might want input, type ^z to continue) 5.86
checking if dvips supports the combination of -E and -i -S 1... yes

Kind regards,

André Steenveld.