[l2h] Equations image problems part 3

Ross Moore ross@ics.mq.edu.au
Sun, 26 Aug 2001 09:51:04 +1000 (EST)

> Sorry, I gleaned enough info from the thread to try some things, which I should have done in the first place. 
> But none have succeeded: my equation gifs still generate a black strip on the left and bottom of the image
> which has a white background.  I installed version 9.14 of netpbm and specifically pnmcrop --version shows it
> to be 9.14.  I downloaded and reinstalled l2h for version 2K-1beta.  Setting l2h option WHITE_BACKGROUND to 0,
> had no effect (as the pnmcrop man page suggested).  I don't know what else to do.

Good; you have an updated version of  pnmcrop  now.
That's the first step to solving this problem.

The 2nd step is to tell the  pstoimg script (that is part of the LaTeX2HTML installation)
that you have this later version.

The simple way to do this (without reinstallation) is as follows:

 1.  find where the pstoimg  script is installed
(e.g. use the Unix command:  which pstoimg )

 2.  look for where it defines a value for  $PNMCROP .
(This should be the complete path to the pnmcrop  exectable that
you wish to use.)

 3.  Is it the newly compiled v9.14 one ? 
(To find out, use:   <full path>/pnmcrop --version  
 with the <full path> as read from the  $PNMCROP value above.)

If your <full path> is to an earlier version of  pnmcrop then that
may explain why you saw no change after the apparent upgrade.
Otherwise ...

 4.  Does the $PNMCROP value include any extra switches,
     such as  -black  or  -sides ?  
     Or is there a $PNMBLACK or $PNMCROPOPT definition
     inside the  pstoimg script ?
( -black  is a hack that is needed for some calls to  pnmcrop
  with versions  9.x,  for  x < 12 , of  pnmcrop 
  -sides  is the fix, for versions  x >= 12 )

 5.  The  -sides  switch can be appended to the value of $PNMCROP :

 $PNMCROP = '<full path>/pnmcrop -sides ';
                                ^      ^ -----  include these spaces!

The -black switch is *not* needed when  -sides  is used.
Indeed -black  is *wrong* when the text content of your images
is colored; e.g. using LaTeX's \color command:  \color{magenta} .

 6.  If your pstoimg has a  $PNMBLACK  setting, then you should
     kill it:  $PNMBLACK = '';

Just to be complete, check the following also...

 7.  If your pstoimg has a  $PNMCROPOPT setting, *and*
     $PNMCROPOPT appears elsewhere in the  pstoimg  script,
     then I don't understand why you are having any problems.
     (Perhaps the <full path> was to the v9.9 version ??)

A freshly installed latex2html (obtained from  www.latex2html.org)
should give you:

 $PNMCROP = '<full path>/pnmcrop';
 $PNMCROPOPT = ' -sides ';

*and* uses  $PNMCROPOPT later in the scripts.
This is what should happen if *everything* is up-to-date.

> Again, I am not a member of this list so please reply to me directly if you can.

Done; and the list should be getting a copy too.

All the best,

	Ross Moore

> thanks
> Jim H.
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