[l2h] Old bug not fixed

Bruce R Miller bruce.miller@nist.gov
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 14:50:54 -0400

Robert Williams wrote:
> Bruce Miller wrote:
> > Strictly speaking, it is _NOT_ a bug in latex2html.
> > It's a bug in RedHat's installation of Perl.
> > Namely, Perl requires that the db used (for tying to hashes)
> > must allow empty keys, but RedHat overrides or ignores the warning.
> >
> > Of course, it still would be worthwhile for l2h to work around ...
> Right!  Please let's have this change.
>      $global{$key}-- if $making_name;
> to
>     $global{$key}-- if ($key && $making_name);

Well, it's not just that one line; Once you fix it, the next one
pops up! :>  And unless you exercise enough of l2h, you wont find
them all.  Alternatively, if you knew enough about l2h, and exactly
which hashes are tied, you could probably track down most of these
cases.  And even then, l2h occasionally sneaks things in....