[l2h] greetings

Franco Bagnoli bagnoli@dma.unifi.it
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 16:16:37 +0200 (CEST)

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, cabney wrote:

> > 1) persistence of code
> Not sure what you mean here, like headers/footers?

I mean that one should write the code having in mind that more than one
thread can share the same globals. For instance, I was working on twiki
(twiki.sourceforge.net) trying to make it work under mod_perl. In the
original implementation it had a lot of globals. This clearly lead to
mixing data of different sessions, so I put them in a private %config
hash (or, equivalently, in an object, created for each session).

> > 3) processing of latex pieces
> Regarding this, Randal Schwartz published an article in
> WebTechniques in which he describes a page decoration image module
> for apache triggered in response to 404's that created the image on
> the fly.  The image properties were determined using the basename
> of the image. Future requests wouldn't trigger the script because
> the image was stored ondisk after serving the request.  I think
> an image-server using something like images.pl's tag conventions
> as the image naming scheme could be done (probably already has???)

A discussion about a cache module can be found in the Template Toolkit
(www.tt2.org) mailing list (maybe Randal is involved, too).

Is there any advantage in deferring images to visualizaton instead of
generation of the body? maybe the cleaning of cache similar to what
happens with kpathsea?


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