[l2h] question about ~\ref{} conversion

Matthew A. Smith masmith@cns.nyu.edu
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 01:07:04 -0400 (EDT)

Hi. I'm not a listmember, but I use latex frequently and just installed
latex2html on my system and have a couple questions that I couldn't figure
out myself. Please copy any answers to my email as i'm not subscribed to
the list. Thank you.

I have a document this contains math, inline equations, and some
references. I converted it using latex2html with the following command:

latex2html file.tex -dir html

This produced nice output for the equations as gif files, but the inline
equations and even superscripts and my reference numbers in the text
(using "~\ref{name}" and a figure with "\label{name}") were also gif
files. I didn't really like this for my purposes.

So, I tried this command:

latex2html file.tex -dir html -ascii_mode

This was much close to what I would like, except it didn't seem to
complete the dereferencing. I have places where i have the text "Figure
~\ref{name}" and it failed to derefence it to "Figure 1" and just put
"Figure". Is this behavior expected? I would like it to simply put the
numeral in that location as ascii text.

Also, is there a way to get the equations I define with:


to be gif files but leave the inline math mode stuff, for instance:

We used the formula $r = 2 * \pi$ to calculate ...

to be translated to ascii?

Thanks for the help.

Matthew A. Smith
Center for Neural Science
New York University
4 Washington Place, Room # 809
New York, NY 10003