[l2h] \HTMLcode and ~

Steffen Klupsch Steffen Klupsch <steffen@vlsi.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 09:40:56 +0200

Ross Moore wrote:
> > Steffen Klupsch wrote:
> > > \HTMLcode[href=www.vlsi.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/~steffen/,
> > >           target=\_blank]{A}{You may click to see my homepage. }
> >
> > The '~' sign is not working. It is replaced by a space.
> > If I insert a '\symbol{126}' or '\~{}' or '&#126;' the result is a
> >
> >    '~}'
> Yes, that is what you would expect from TeX.

I disagree about that. In LaTeX I expect that \symbol{126} is 
printed as '~'. I don't know about plain TeX, but the result '~}' is 
not useful, even if you take foreign accents into account. 
The {} construct should be considered as a grouping element.

I tried to trace the latex2html script by inserting 'print""' statements here
and there. After the HTMLcode expansion the string \~{} is used as a replacement
\symbol{126}. Some kind of postprocessing is done on these results - but I
didn't find the routine which is doing this.

Ross Moore wrote:
> Yes, because \HTMLcode is a LaTeX macro, and it's contents
> are expanded as (La)TeX code, not as verbatim HTML.
> This is extremely powerful and eminently useful, as it allows
> for compact/elegant coding that cannot be achieved in any other way.
> See the detailed example in ``The LaTeX Web Companion'',
> or the LaTeX2HTML manual.

The \HTMLcode is a very good idea, but I NEED a possibility to get all valid
html letters in the attribute list. 
Do you have a tip how to produce the tilde for the url address?

Regards, Steffen