[l2h] Confusion over the different config files...

Ulrich G. Wortmann uliw@erdw.ethz.ch (Ulrich G. Wortmann)
04 Oct 2000 14:31:03 +0200

Hi there,

in the following I have few probably trivial questions. However, as I
recently changed the OS, they may be apropriate....

The INSTALL files names 4 different configuration files:

        dot.latex2html-init, which IIUC is a template to
        .latex2html_init, the per user init-file
        latex2html.config, which is the site wide config file
        l2hconf.pm, which appears to be something similar.

somehow, latex2html.config does not exist on my system, and I'm confused now.
Likewise I'm unsure were to place the site-wide config file. Shouldn't
that go into /etc ?



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