[l2h] Re: Navigation Panel / backgorund

Ross Moore Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 07:12:09 +1100 (EST)

> hi
> need more help ;-(
> i want my html files, to have only a text navigation at the top (no next,
> prev,... buttons oder [up],.. text). i already played with switches like
> -nonext_page_in_navigation
> -noprevious_page_in_navigation 
> ...
> but i only got no navigation or the whole (buttons and test). 

LaTeX2HTML is infinitely configurable, using Perl code.
Only the most obvious configuration possibilities have
command-line switches. 

To change or remove icons, have a look at the   l2hconf.pm 
configuration file, for the  %icons  hash.
This lists the name of the icons to be used.

For no icons at all, simply override this in an initialisation file:

 %icons = ();

or list only those that you wish to use.

All of the code for building the navigation panel is contained
in  l2hconf.pm  (or  l2hconf.pin  before installation ).
It is quite simple coding, and independent of more complicated
coding inside the main  latex2html  script, since from the very
start it was recognised that this is one thing that users may like
to change. (Anything in  l2hconf.pm  is fair game for changing.)

> and is there a possibility to change the backgroundcolor of the html-file
> to white?!

Simplest way, conceptually, is to have in your preamble:


> hope you can help me

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore
> ciao
> georg
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