[l2h] $ADDRESS value overwritten

Stephen J. Sherman Stephen J. Sherman" <sjs@irvine.com
Thu, 25 May 2000 17:19:42 -0700

The value I give $ADDRESS in l2hconf.pm gets overwritten with the
default value.  This can be fixed by moving the following lines in

# Author address
@address_data = &address_data('ISO');
$ADDRESS = "$address_data[0]\n$address_data[1]";

up above these lines:

# Local configuration, read at runtime
# Read the $CONFIG_FILE  (usually latex2html.config )
if($ENV{'L2HCONFIG'}) {
  require $ENV{'L2HCONFIG'} ||
    die "Fatal (require $ENV{'L2HCONFIG'}): $!";
} else {

This is a regression that I first noticed in 99.2alpha9, but didn't
report.  Today I downloaded 99.2beta5, and discovered that the
regression still exists, so I am pointing it out.

-- Steve Sherman
-- Irvine Compiler Corp.