[l2h] Removing non-empty directories: system panic!

Joao Cardoso Joao Cardoso <jcardoso@inescn.pt>
Tue, 23 May 2000 18:36:18 +0100


I have been using latex2html for a couple of years, always with the same
sometimes, after using l2h, my system just panic, get froze--I have to
push the computer reset switch. At power-up, running fsck recovers some

I get used to this odd behavior, and start removing the l2h created
directory before running l2h again, or use the -noreuse option to l2h.
But this is becoming a nonsense.

I think that the problem resides in trying to remove a non-empty
directory, which `unlink' does happily, but I don't know perl to debug
l2h. Does l2h delete a directory using `unlink'? Does it *check* or
*assume* that the directoy is empty? Why not use `rmdir' instead?

I am using l2h 99.2beta6 (1.42) and perl 5.004_03 on SCO UNIX 3.2v5.0.4.
`make test' in the perl source directory report no errors.

Thanks for any hints,

PS-I'm not in the mailing list...