[l2h] Problem with umlauts in captions

Ronald Hartwig Ronald Hartwig <hartwig@informatik.mu-luebeck.de>
Mon, 08 May 2000 13:45:15 +0200


by chance I found out that latex2html (99.1) refuses to number those
captions which include german umlauts like "ä" or "ß". The output simply
is "No number for MyCaptionWithUmlautÄ" and the captions are not
numbered. Funny enough all other captions work fine and in the floating
text all references do have the correct numbers even for those captions
with umlauts in it.

Is there a known workaround like escaping the umlauts?

BTW: Is it sensible to go away from the 99.1 version to a newer version?
I remember that those betas caused me some troubles in the past. 


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