[l2h] Problems with the localication of the Slovene package and some general remarks

Ales Kosir Ales Kosir <ales.kosir@hermes.si>
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 09:10:43 +0100

> > 5. If table or figure captions contain eight bit characters, respective 
> >    table or figure numbers are not generated. Not corrected.
> Yes, I see the problem.
> It is caused by LaTeX, since the caption entry in the .aux file
> is not identical to that which occurs in the original source.
> the raw 8-bit characters have been replaced by accent-macros.
> In the meantime, a possible workaround is to edit the  .aux  file to
> replace the macros with the original 8-bit characters
> I think that LaTeX2HTML will now correctly match the captions to the
> figures/tables. If not, then please tell me, so that I will know to 
> fix this too.

Hi, Ross, 

thank you very much for your hint! I can confirm that replacement of 
expanded characters (in our case: \v c -> , \v s -> ...) in .aux file 
indeed solved the problem. 

Best regards,
Ales Kosir, ales.kosir@hermes.si, http://nl.ijs.si/GNUsl/hp_ales.html