[l2h] Installation Problems

Andreas Jaehnigen Andreas Jaehnigen <jaehnias@ims.uni-stuttgart.de>
Thu, 9 Mar 2000 22:50:16 +0100 (MET)

Hi out there,

I didn't manage to set up latex2html-99.2beta6 correctly.
System is a Solaris 2.6 and Perl "version 5.005_03 built for
sun4-solaris-thread" (that's what perl -v says).
I ran configure like this:
	./configure --prefix=/global/lib/latex2html/latex2html-99.2-beta6

	gmake (GNU Make version 3.78.1) and

	gmake check
went ok, but
	gmake test

fails with
	<texc.pro>[8] (-> /tmp/l2h15959/image009) <texc.pro>[9] 
	(-> /tmp/l2h15959/image010) <texc.pro>[10] (-> /tmp/l2h15959/image011) 
	<texc.pro>[11] (-> /tmp/l2h15959/image012) <texc.pro>[12] 
	(-> /tmp/l2h15959/image013) <texc.pro>[13] 
	Converting image #1
	Converting image #2
	pstoimg: Error: "/usr/local/bin/pnmcrop < /tmp/l2h15959/p15993.pnm |
	/usr/local/bin/pnmcrop -bot | /usr/local/bin/pnmcrop -l  >
	/tmp/l2h15959/p15993.t00" failed: 

	Error while converting image

	Error: Cannot read 'img2.gif': No such file or directory

	Doing section links ................
	 *** Adding document-specific styles *** 

	*********** WARNINGS ***********  

	Failed to convert image /tmp/l2h15959/image002.ps

And yes, netPBM version is 1mar1994.p1 (patched version).

Any clues??

Thanks in advance for any help! :-)

	Andreas Jaehnigen