[l2h] Font Generation in Latex2html

Bill Unruh Bill Unruh <unruh@physics.ubc.ca>
Tue, 7 Mar 2000 18:47:35 -0800 (PST)

As a followup on my problem re minus signs getting converted to Gammas,
I looked through the code. latex2html uses the -M option to dvips, which
supresses automatic font generation.  I altered latex2html to allow
dvips to automatically generate fonts 
( changed 
    $DVIPSOPT = ' -M ';
    $DVIPSOPT = ' ';
) and tried it after removing some of my old generated fonts. It seemed
to work fine on my Unix system. Is there a portability issue here, or
are there cases where my approach would cause trouble?

Note that simply running latex over the original tex file may not
generate the proper sized fonts for latex2html, and thus still leave the
font problem.

(How does latex2html handle the font printer type problem? Does it just
use the default printer fonts-- ljfour in my case-- or does it use a special
font type-- or does it just look for anything it can use?)

Thanks again for the responses and also for the very very useful

W. Unruh
Ross Moore wrote

GM Pearson wrote 

> Dear W.
>       I think this is caused by missing fonts - we get round it by
> running the document through LaTeX and viewing/printing it so the
> fonts
> get regenerated. Then rerun latex2html and all is hopefully OK. 
>       But I'm sure there's a better way! Ross?

If your installation uses bitmapped fonts, then this is indeed the
that I would recommend. Messing around with the automatic
mechanism to make it work with LaTeX2HTML jobs is rather tedious.
Mostly you need to run LaTeX anyway, to get the .aux file;
and frequently you will also want a high quality printed version,
so this really doesn't impose much extra work.