[l2h] perl style file needed

gabriele balducci gabriele balducci <balducci@dschsun1.univ.trieste.it>
Wed, 01 Mar 2000 09:11:32 +0100


I use a tiny package which implements the command `gbpara' for
printing and incrementing a counter (`gbparacounter'). The package
contains the following:


l2h does not recognize the gbpara command (obviously).

The workaround I've found is to hack a gbpara.perl file which

     package main;
     &process_commands_inline_in_tex (<<_RAW_ARG_CMDS_);
     1;	# Must be last line

This works, but needs a `-reuse 1' switch in the latex2html
command. As far as I can understand, this is because if `-reuse 2' is
operative, l2h will generate the image only upon the first occurrence
of `gbpara' and will reuse it upon all others. This is not what I
want, of course, as every occurrence of `gbpara' will print an
incrementing number. On the other hand, `-reuse 1' is clearly a waste
of time and disk space; there must be a simpler way which makes l2h
treat correctly the `gbpara' command while keeping `-reuse 2'.

I guess that this can be done at the gbpara.perl level, but,
unfortunately, I don't speek Perl nor I know the details of the
latex2html mechanism.

So here comes my question: is there any latex2html/perl expert which
can tell me the cure at a glance, without wasting too much of her/his

I thank you very much in advance for any help

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