[l2h] LyX v1.1.5 & l2h

noyes noyes <nlists@mindspring.com>
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:39:16 -0700

I've created a document with lyx, and exported it to tex. l2h has some 
problems with it. Namely, URLs aren't turned into hyper-links by default.

lyx uses the command

latex2html -no_subdir -split 0 -show_section_numbers '$$FName'

l2h generates these warnings

   No implementation found for style 'fontenc'
   No implementation found for style 'url'

   redefining command \url

   previous meaning of \url will be lost

   Unknown commands: IfFileExists

If I edit the tex file the following way "style" "lyx.perl" is 
automatically used, and /url is turned into hyper-links.


for an explanation of LyX's problems

Another problem I noticed, l2h doesn't use "tt" for {lyxcode} sections.

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