[l2h] Bug in LaTeX2HTML: ligature-breaking chars don't work)

Anthony Fok Anthony Fok <foka@ualberta.ca>
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 04:54:18 -0600

On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 08:30:14PM +1000, Ross Moore wrote:
> Is this within a verbatim:  e.g.  \verb|drwxrwx---|
> (after all, it isn't a word, is it ?)

Unfortunately, some of them are within an environment, i.e. the TeX source
uses something like:

  $ ls -l

  total 48488

  -rw-rw-r-\/-    1 foka     foka         3939 May 23 23:19 02.txt.1

Yes, I know, maybe there are better ways to do these things, but it would
be too much work to change the existing document.  Besides, it works
perfectly with LaTeX2e.

If I recall correctly \verb|...| can't be used within an environment.
Anyhow, the above would be translated to "-rw-rw-r-", i.e. LaTeX2HTML
neglects the \/, changing -\/- to --, which got interpreted as an en-dash,
and becomes "-" in the final HTML output.

> Yeah,  \textcompwordmark  isn't recognised by LaTeX2HTML.
> I'll put that on the TODO list.

Thanks a lot.  If you could fix the "-\/-\/-" bug too, that would be
wonderful.  Thanks!  :-)

Incidentally, there's a similar example where \/ didn't work, but
\textcompwordmark worked.  e.g.

	data >> ~/logout-time

is coded in the original TeX source as:


And it works great!  I tried to substitute \textcompwordmark with \/,
and the ">>" got lumped into an ligature in the LaTeX2HTML output.

Thanks again!


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