[l2h] LaTeX2HTML on Win32 (2)

Jan-Alve Svensson Jan-Alve Svensson <svensson@math.chalmers.se>
Fri, 09 Jun 2000 08:55:21 +0200


I've tried to install LaTeX2HTML on my PC (Win98) following the
instructions by Luis Seidel's instructions at

I have perl v5.6.0, the netpbm from MiKTEX update page
http://www.miktex.de/download/index.html, MiKTeX (1.20e), LaTeX2HTML
(version 99.2beta6) and Aladdin Ghostscript 6.01.

When I run 'config.bat' (or 'configure' for that matter) I gett  three
warnings. First it complains that it cannot determin the version of
neither 'dvips' or 'gswin32c', secondly and I suppose more seriously it
says that pnmcrop cannot crop from one direction.

I've tried to bypass the problems by hacking config.pl explicitely
stating the version of 'dvips' and 'gs'. I've  also tried to changed
'&&' to '||' on line 1188 to overcome the difficulty with pnmcrop.

After these changes 'config.bat' runs smoothly (of course). But the
installation I get by running 'install.bat' complains that it some
image-files doesn't exists. It generates correct ps-versions of formulas
(in 'temp'-directory)) so I geuss that the problem is that 'pstoimg.bat'
is not working properly (due to the failure with 'pnmcrop').

I've also tried th suggestion by Steve Mayer to turn of Nortoin
Anti-Virus while runing 'config.bat' (with unhacked 'config.pl') but
that changed nothing.

Any suggestion on how I can overcome the difficulties is greatly

Jan Alve Svensson