[l2h] How can I linke a single page to cgi?

uliw@erdw.ethz.ch uliw@erdw.ethz.ch
24 Jan 2000 10:36:32 +0100

Hi Ross et al.

    Ross> I think what he wants is to include a link to a remote place
    Ross> (whether it be an HTML page or a cgi script is not really
    Ross> relevant) as if it were a section in a LaTeX2HTML-generated
    Ross> document.

    Ross> Others have asked for this sort of feature, so maybe I'll
    Ross> try to devise a simpler way to achieve it.  (But don't hold
    Ross> your breath waiting for it.  ;-)

I do remember that l2h once had the command 


although is was never fully functional. Anyhow, it would be a rather
usefull feature, and is my number one, once I know how to handle perl

However, as with any useful feature, once you have it, it creates the
need for another. It is not only useful to incoporate externel links
into a html-document, it would also be terrific, to have the ability
to link to a static address within a l2h created document from a
external document. My current understanding is that I'm able to link
to a specific chapter from within the same document, but not from the
outside. Is there no way to force the file name of specific chapter to
a specific name? I.e. instead of having 


to force this node to




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