[l2h] using alltt in \newcommand

Patrik Hagglund Patrik Hagglund <patha@ida.liu.se>
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 17:01:33 +0100

> Did you  \usepackage{verbatim}  ?
> This is needed to load the code for \verbatiminput  .

No, I used moreverb as described in The LaTeX Companion.

A also have problems with non-ascii characters (using
\usepackage[latin1]{inputenc}) in \caption:

  No number for "Markörbaseradimplementationavliststrukturer."

That was solved by using a later perl version (5.005_03 instead of
5.004_3) and putting \protect in front of every such character (I
found some hint in the mailing list archive).

My third problem is the angle option in includegrapics (the image
becomes almost empty). I saw some earlier questions about this
issue, but no answer. After som debugging I realised that that it
was the -E option to dvips that was the problem, and I reinstalled
latex2thml with --disable-eps. I strongly suggest that you switch
to this option as default.

Patrik Hägglund