[l2h] pdflatex and \usepackage{html} interaction ?

Jörg Bröker Jörg Bröker
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 15:31:42 +0100

Ian Thurlbeck schrieb:
> Dear Converters
> We have started generating PDF docs using the "pdflatex"
> program in the recent TeX distros.  Without \usepackage{html}
> pdflatex produces a good PDF file.  When you use \usepackage{html}
> then the PDF file (when viewed in Acroreader) has an empty "Bookmarks"
> (contents page) sub-window alongside the main document window.
> This window is confusing to our users and un-wanted. Does anyone know
> how to suppress it?

For me pdflatex works fine, even with \usepackage{html}. However, I have
a bookmark window with the content structure of the document in it,
looks nice. Even the special html tags like \hyperref etc. work fine and
produce nice output. The only thing is, that I do not know how to
determine the color of the links like I do when using the hyperref
package. Any hints?

> I'm running latex2html-99.2alpha9 and tetex-1.0.6 on Solaris 2.6
> Does same thing on latex2html-99.2beta6 on Linux RH6.1 (2.2.14)

latex2html-99.2beta6 + pdflatex 0.13c on Linux RH6.1 


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