[l2h] Bug: Changing page counter can create blank inline math formulae in Version 99.1 release

Robert Petry Robert Petry <rpetry@scf.sk.ca>
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 16:12:28 -0600

Hi folks,
    While latex2html'ing a particular lengthy document, I found that the
gif images being created for my inline math formulae were coming out
blank.  I traced the problem down rather unexpectedly to the command
near the beginning of my document.  Once I removed it, the images were
generated correctly.  I created the following latex document called
test.tex which creates the same problem as my original document:

Here's an interesting bug.  After adding 1 to the page counter, you'll
notice that latex2html makes all the following inline math formulae
such as $D_{max}$ or $a+b$ or $+5\%$ .  If you check the gif files
you'll see that they are all created blank.  If the addtocounter command
removed latex2html works fine.

This occurred on a PC running
latex2html Version 99.1 release (March 30, 1999)
derived from l2h99\_1.tar.gz downloaded from\newline
This was run on a PC running Linux (RedHat 5.2 distribution) and the
was generated with the command ``latex2html test.tex''

I hope having reported this bug to this list, some kind soul will fix
the code for later releases. (I didn't see this bug already reported,
but I may have missed it.)


Robert G. Petry