[latex2html] Re: [l2h] incorrect equation

John A. Turner turner@blueskystudios.com
Thu, 28 Dec 2000 17:55:13 -0500 (EST)

>>>>> "RM" == Ross Moore <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>:

RM> There is an alternative approach, using (La)TeX macros.
RM>  1. Write your math-environment code in a shortened form,
RM>     using home-grown macros with parameters, instead of
RM>     repeating large chunks of code.
RM> Now you need a way to stop LaTeX2HTML from expanding the macros
RM> early in the processing. Since they are destined to be used for
RM> images anyway, there is absolutely no need for LaTeX2HTML to do
RM> this expansion. Thus there will be a performance saving as well.
RM>  2. Make the macro definitions in a package, and produce a .perl
RM>     module for this package.
RM>     Macros defined using  \def  \newcommand  etc.  are expanded;
RM>     but macros defined inside a .perl module are not expanded.
RM>     The Perl coding for your macros is easy; since you just have
RM>     to ask LaTeX2HTML to ignore all of them.
RM> %%%% homegrown_macros.perl %%%%%%%%
RM> # these macros are only ever used within math-environments
RM> # and made into images;
RM> # so just ignore them for all other processing
RM> &ignore_commands( <<_IGNORED_CMDS_);
RM> mathmacroA
RM> mathmacroB
RM> mathmacroC
RM> ....
RM> ...
RM> mathmacroZ
RM> 1;
RM> %%%% end of homegrown_macros.perl %%%%%%%%
RM>    Note that it isn't even necessary to encode the argument structure
RM>    of these macros as the whole (unexpanded) code block will just
RM>    be passed into images.tex, when it comes time to prepare the images.

OK, as you and I both found, this solves the problems with the incorrect
equation images.

However, I noticed a problem - if a macro cmd appears within the text
rather than in a displaymath or equation environment, the math doesn't

Examples are always best, so look here:


So my question is, is this intended behavior (i.e. misunderstanding on my
part) or a bug?


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