[latex2html] [l2h] How to get copy/pastable verbatim text into a figure?

Julius Smith Julius Smith <jos@w3k.org>
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 12:51:28 -0800

I have discovered that placing verbatim text inside a figure or table 
environment causes latex2html (v99.1beta) to ship the figure off to LaTeX 
for creating an external image.  The verbatim environment alone uses the 
HTML <PRE> tag instead, which is what I need.  (I need to enable users to 
copy/paste code listings from their browser.)

The alltt environment behaves the same way as verbatim, in addition to 
losing alignment information and requiring blank lines to generate newlines.

Is there any way to get <PRE> style verbatim text into a 
figure?  Alternatively, is there another environment that behaves like 
figure, table, etc., but which does not insist on creating an external 
image file?

Thanks for any ideas,