[latex2html] [l2h] Problems with book class

Andre M. de Roos Andre M. de Roos" <aroos@bio.uva.nl
Fri, 08 Dec 2000 16:57:33 +0100 (CET)

I ran into trouble with converting segmented documents with the book class. On
the mailing list archive I found the following message from awhile ago:


I have to convert several books to html, so i tested segmented report
example in L2H distribution (v99.2b8) with only \documentclass changed to book
and section to chapter in \segment's second argument (and \subsection
to \section in sec1.tex) 

Several things came wrong:

-- Table of contents, List of figures and Index have lower level with
respect to chapters in child list,

-- Index appears before chapter, not after,

-- Contents node lacks Chapters (only Contents, List of Fig. and Index).

-- subsection (now section) number is 3.1, not 1.1

And the last two occurs even without any changes in distribution!

Which are bugs and which are features?


I have similar problems. If I include the following in my main document:


\segment{part1}{chapter}{Models in continuous time}



The title of my first chapter (Introduction) is replaced by "Bibliography",
while "Index" becomes a section in this chapter. Is there a way to use parts
and chapters in a book class in this fashion?


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