(fwd) Re: [l2h] 2 bugs in l2h

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Subject: Re: [l2h] 2 bugs in l2h
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> e.g. (in config.pl)

>   foreach $try (@try_opts) {
>     my ($stat,$out,$err) = &get_out_err("\"'$kpsewhich'\" $try");
>                                          ^^^          ^^^

>> >> The reason is that when we give $cmd to redir.pl, quotes disapear,

> ... yes, but not *both* sets of quotes, in the line above.

I makes redir.pl to produces the incorrect call

   'c:\program files\...' opts..

This type of quotes does not understandable by Windows.

But the variant

     my ($stat,$out,$err) = &get_out_err("\\\"$kpsewhich\\\" $try");

is OK.

The corresponding call of redir.pl will be

   perl redir.pl "\"c:\program files\...\"" opt

and ARGV[0] will be '"c:\..."'

> The problem is that some tests legitimately have an argument,
> which comes as part of $ARGV[0] .

How can it be? $ARGV[0] in redir.pl is the first word of the command
line, it can be only the name of program, isn't it?

>> By the by, I understood, that one can temporarily spile up it
>> by specifying $abs_path_names=0. It works, if $extrapath is not used.

> If that works, then fine; use it by all means.  However, I think that
> moving
> the TeX installation is probably a more reliable fix.

It was the first thing I'v done. :)