[l2h] 2 bugs in l2h

Roman Semizarov Roman Semizarov" <roma7@RS1746.spb.edu
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 14:45:38 +0300 (MSK)

> No; a better place to do this is at the end of:  sub find_prog
> within  config.pl .

>     return "\"$prog\"";
>            ^^^     ^^^  ---------  insert these quotes.

> Please try this, and report back with your findings.

Yes, it is definitely better, then in the check_file.

>> The reason is that when we give $cmd to redir.pl, quotes disapear,
>> althouth now our path with spaces lives in ARGV[0]. So, I think we
>> must add
>> $ARGV[0]="\"$ARGV[0]\"";

> this didn't help, with my testing under Unix.

Really? You tried changing find_prog (check_prog) and
changing redir.pl TOGETHER (if you do not do the first thing,
ARGV[0] is  "c:\Program")? I wondered.

By the by, I understood, that one can temporarily spile up it
by specifying $abs_path_names=0. It works, if $extrapath is not used.