[l2h] \newtheorem{Main Lemma}

Martin Goldstern Martin Goldstern <Martin.Goldstern@tuwien.ac.at>
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:49:06 +0200

A few days ago I complained that latex2html does not grok

> \newtheorem{Main Lemma}{Main Lemma}

Thanks to all who responded. 
I was surprised to find out that -- despite the fact that LaTeX never 
warned be about this, let alone gave an error message -- 
this is indeed illegal LaTeX. Already Lamport's latex209 book
says that environment names have to consist of letters only.

Too bad.   So far I have used {Definition and Fact}, {Notation}, 
{More Notation} and {Abuse of Notation} freely as (seemingly, to me) 
natural names for theorem environments.    I guess I will have to
join the abbreviationists and write DaF, Nt, MNt and  AoN in the future...
Live and learn.