[l2h] Problem with \bibname

Michael L. Hall Michael L. Hall" <hall@galt.lanl.gov
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 14:32:54 -0600 (MDT)

uliw@erdw.ethz.ch writes:
> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael L Hall <hall@galt.lanl.gov> writes:
>     Michael> Greetings, all...
>     Michael> When I redefine \bibname *and* use the harvard package,
>     Michael> l2h redefines the bibname in the table of contents, but
>     Michael> uses the original name (Bibliography) on the page which
>     Michael> actually contains the bibliography.  This doesn't happen
>     Michael> if I don't use the harvard style.
> IRCC, this will work if you use the natbib package with the harvard
> option.

As far as I know, that's what I am doing, and it still doesn't work.
The harvard style file is implemented this way:

Output from l2h run:

Loading /opt/latex2html/styles/texdefs.perl...
Loading /opt/latex2html/styles/book.perl
Loading /opt/latex2html/styles/harvard.perl
Loading /opt/latex2html/styles/natbib.perl


% cat /opt/latex2html/styles/harvard.perl
# nharvard.perl - calls natbib.perl to emulate harvard

package main;

# Setting $HARVARD makes natbib.perl behave differently

foreach $dir (split(/:/,$LATEX2HTMLSTYLES)) {
    if (-f "$dir/natbib.perl") {
	print "Loading $dir/natbib.perl\n";
	require "$dir/natbib.perl";
1; # This must be the last line


Maybe I'm missing something here...

I think the problem has to do with this bit of code from natbib.perl:

    if (defined &do_cmd_bibname) {
	$title = &translate_commands('\bibname');
    } else { $title = $bib_title }

Somehow, when it hits that, &do_cmd_bibname has not been defined (yet?).
That was one reason I put 

  \renewcommand{\bibname}{Publication List}

as soon in the .tex file as I could, thinking that it was not being
defined early enough. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here?


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