[l2h] l2h problem with htmlimage

ulrich bartell ulrich bartell <u.bartell@mainz.netsurf.de>
Mon, 03 Apr 2000 21:17:45 +0100

 Dear Ross,
 I hope, not disturbing You too much with an l2h problem of a beginner:
  in a \begin{figure} environment the \htmlimage{<option>} does not work
 properly  in my program, i.e. I'm getting the <option> printed out in
the image's
  This is my code:
     \centering \includegraphics[width=100.0mm]{../figure.ps}
 The figure.ps is scaled and rotated properly, but   
 is printed as text within the figure's frame in the html output. What
is wrong?
 Thank You for considering my probplem          Ulrich
                                  E-mail u.bartell@mainz.netsurf.de