[l2h] l2h gets into an infinite loop

Felix Natter Felix Natter <f.natter@ndh.net>
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 22:01:44 +0200

when I try to translate one of my files using latex2html,
it gets into an infinite (long) loop after it writes
"**preamble done**" (or similar), followed by a semicolon
It keeps on putting dots on the screen, at varied speed.
I do not think that I am using weird packages: only amsmath
and german. When I kill it using Ctrl-C (repeatedly, one time
won´t suffice), the created directory only contains an empty
ebenen-Schnittgerade_PF_KF.html file. when I run l2h with -debug,
it leaves some files in the TMP directory, which I zipped up and put
on the web (14k):
I use perl version 5.005_02 on a SuSE 6.0 linux system.
Previous versions of the same document worked fine, so it must
be something that was recently added ?

I have uploaded the file (4k) to:

Felix Natter