[l2h] \item in \input file

Stephen J. Sherman Stephen J. Sherman" <sjs@irvine.com
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 20:10:56 -0700

I found a regression in version 99.2alpha9 after replacing my previous
version, 98.2beta8.

The text " <tex2html_file>#./former.tex# " appears in the HTML when
running latex2html on the following reduced case:

      \item Steve

The unwanted HTML seems to only appear when "\item Steve" is on the
first line of former.tex.  Even inserting a blank line above "\item
Steve" causes the problem to disappear.

This problem shows up in many different files I have, causing the html
to look really bad in a browser.  Is there a way I can patch this?

I really appreciate all the help I have received in the past.  Thank
you so much.

-- Steve Sherman
-- Irvine Compiler Corp.
-- Irvine, CA
-- USA