[l2h] Re: l2h on linux

taupin taupin <taupin@lps.u-psud.fr>
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 23:57:46 +0200

Ross MOORE wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> > \sizebox=\box26
> > \lthtmlwrite=\write4
> > (images.aux
> > -34- this file and other auxiliary files require to use the following
> > -34- LaTeX packages: french!
> > -34- check \usepackage or remove these files.Typesetting is aborted!
> I have never seen this message before.
> It is certainly not generated by anything that I have written.

After several careful "grep"s I found that this is done by french.sty
when working in conjunction with Babel (babel seems to be invoked in the
latex.fmt of the TeTeX distribution which is incorporated in LiNuX
RedHat distribution). Unfortunately, my DOS files (read first by LiNuX
latex) where not correctly updated (french.sty and french.ldf) which was
harmless UNLESS having some babel background.

Of course I updated all. But I forgot (on Linux which works with
Kpsearch, while emtex does not...)  to call mktexlsr, so that phantoms
of previous files seemed to maintain the problem.

 Finally, after several trials, the error disappeared... unexpectedly.
But this make me continue to complain against all these "cache-like"
features (the ls-R files) who always may be not updated in case of other

BTW: my generated gif files have no bottom of left black bars, which
means that the netpbm executables provided in RedHat 5.2 duly are the
"patch-1" release.

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