[l2h] Bug in alltt.pl

Peter Junglas Peter Junglas <Junglas@tu-harburg.de>
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 09:21:54 +0100

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when I use the alltt environment (l2h version 99.2b6) together with
\usepackage[german]{babel}, then the " inside alltt is interpreted as in german
style, though inside alltt it shouldn't. In LATEX itself everything works fine.

A crude workaround for me was to use english and redefine some strings, but of
course this leads to wrong hyphenation.

I've included a test example to show the bug. It needs a .latex2html-init with
the only command
  $alltt_rx = 'code';
(and 1; of course)

BTW: Please describe this l2h-option in the manual!

   Greetings from Hamburg

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% Problem in l2h: =

%  " in alltt are interpreted, if using german
%  latex works fine
% Workaround: english, overwrite names
%   but: wrong hyphenation!

% use this with the following .latex2html-init:
% $alltt_rx =3D 'code';
% 1;



% Computer-Font
% beseitigt den leidigen "Extra-Space"-Bug
\newcommand{\cft}[1]{\latexhtml{{\tt #1}}%

% Umgebung f=FCr Listen mit =DCberschrift
  {\medskip {\bf #1:} \begin{itemize}}%

% workaround: use english and redefine some names
% problem: wrong hyphenation!!!
%  \renewcommand{\contentsname}{Inhalt}

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  Ende der Makros %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

\title{Verwendung von Stylesheets}

\author{Peter Junglas}
\date{22. November 1999}



  \section{juhu die erste}
  \begin{listwithhead}{\cft{STYLE}-Attribut f=FCr einen einzelnen Tag}
   <H1 STYLE=3D"color:red; font-size:36pt;"> =DCberschrift 1. Ordnung </H=
   <P STYLE=3D"margin-left:1.5cm;"> Ein Textabsatz </P>