[l2h] math formulas not appearing in the table of contents

gabriele balducci gabriele balducci <balducci@dschsun1.univ.trieste.it>
Fri, 05 Nov 1999 11:49:59 +0100

Dear LaTeX2HTML users,

apologies if this is a meaningless question (I've already written a
message to the list about this same subject without getting any

The following are the contents of the file `mom.tex':




     \section{This is the first section and here there should be a math
     formula: {$\sqrt{2}$}}

     Text follows: bla bla bla

     \section{This is the following section and another math formula should
     be put here: {$CO_2+H_2\protect\rightleftharpoons CO+H_2O$}}

     Text follows: bla bla bla


LaTeX produces what I expect: in particular, the contents of each
\section command _INCLUDING_ the math formulas are found in the table
of contents.

When I translate with LaTeX2HTML (v.99_1), all works nicely, safe that
the math formulas do _NOT_ appear any more in the table of contents
(while they are properly produced in the section titles).

The following is the command that I use to run LaTeX2HTML:

     latex2html      -split 4     \
                     -link 0 \
                     -address "" \
                     -info ""    \
                     -debug      \

What am I missing?

Thank you very much in advance for any help/suggestion.

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