[l2h] Image Generation fails...Revised?

Bruce R Miller Bruce R Miller" <miller@cam.nist.gov
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 17:58:00 -0500

Re: the first line comments in included files breaking images.tex

The `Offending' line is near the end of sub pre_process:
  s/(\W)?($comment_mark(\d+)?)/($1)? $1.$2:''/eg;

the (\W)? is matching the opening "<" of $comment_mark, but NOT eating it!

On thinking a bit more, it seems that
  s/(\W?)($comment_mark(\d+)?)/($1)? $1.$2:''/eg;
(or even:
  s/(\W?)($comment_mark\d*)/($1)? $1.$2:''/eg;   )
better expresses the intent... and in fact works in Perl 5.005_02...
although I still dont see what's wrong with the original line.