[l2h] Bug report: latex2html does not work with LaTeX files named part????.tex

Anders Blom Anders Blom <anders.blom@mbox322.swipnet.se>
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 12:36:13 +0200

Bug report, LaTeX2HTML v. 98.1 for PC, using Perl 5.004_02.

This is a strange bug: it is not possible to use a TeX-file 
with LaTeX2HTML if the name starts with "part", such as I 
wanted "partdiff.tex" (about partial diff.eq.). Obviously 
there seems to be conflict with the TeX-command "\part". I 
have not checked yet if it is the same for "section" or 
"chapter", but if there is then this is a serious bug, as 
many like to split large TeX-files into "chapter1.tex" and so 

To try it: create any minimal TeX-file containing at least 
one section header, such as


Name it "test.tex" and all works file. Rename it "part.tex" 
and behold the eerie error messages, such as "{ missing for 
\end" and so on.

Further, if you do this with a larger file, which contains 
several equations and commands, you will see LaTeX2HTML spit 
out nice errors like:

Unknown commands: cos sqrt equation frac ...

To solve it: Do not name your documents "part---.tex".

To fix it: For the Perl gurus...

Anders Blom <blom@teorfys.lu.se>
Theoretical Physics, Lund University