[l2h] path problem with \includegraphics

Markus Wollgarten Markus Wollgarten <wollgarten@iap.phys.ethz.ch>
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 08:35:27 +0200

Hello to all!

I have a path problem with \includegraphics using latex2html or latex,

The situation: In the directory
"AAA/Protocol" there is the master tex-file "protocol.tex" which inputs
some other tex-file, say "structure.tex".
In "structure.tex" I placed the command
\includegraphics[width = 10cm, bb = 0 0 640 480]{../Pictures/test.gif}

This works for latex but for latex2html I have to use
\includegraphics[width = 10cm, bb = 0 0 640
and then latex complains. To be more specific "convert" complains about
not finding the file "test.gif".

What to do ? I am using a Linux-Box with the latest stable release of
Debian and the latex-stuff from it. Of course, using full path names
works. But I would like to use relative paths, since the paths are
rather long and, this is more relevant, I work on different computers,
with different paths to my home directory.

Please don't blame me, if the question was asked already. But I couldn't
find it in the archive of the mailing list.Thanks for the help!