[l2h] duplicate sections

Herbert Betz Herbert Betz <kla@fh-landshut.de>
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 23:40:53 +0200 (MEST)

Dear Latex2HTML experts,

I just began to use latex2html.
I made up a TeX file, which compiles faultlessly to DVI and PS.
It is also translated well to HTML, when using TTH (from CTAN).
But with latex2html (98-1), I get unnecessary duplicated sections
like so:

1. Chapter1
1.1 Section1.1
1.2 Section1.2
1.3 Section1.3
2. Chapter2
2.1 Section2.1
2.2 Section2.2
2.3 Section2.3 Ok up to here...
2.4 Section2.1 this is suddenly duplicated !! Unnecessary nodesXX.html are made.
2.5 Section2.2 this is duplicated too !
2.6 Section2.3 this also !
2.7 Section2.4 but the last section is not duplicated...

The corresponding TeX file has the following structure:
	\input ../Chap1_file_containing_sections
	\input ../Chap2_file_containing_sections

Strangely the first chapter doesn't contain duplicates,
and the following chapters duplicate all but their last section...
Any suggestions what might be causing this ?

Thanks for any help...

P.S.: Where can I find a mailing list for (beginning) LaTeX users.

Herbert Betz,     Landshut
email: herbertbetz@csi.com