[l2h] \url latex2html and lyx

Christoph M. Friedrich Christoph M. Friedrich" <chris@gfm-mbh.de
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 17:59:19 +0200

iam using lyx 1.0.3 and latex2html 99.1alpha6 and i have the problem,
that lyx only exports url's in the form \url|http:...| the url.sty
understands this, but unfortunately latex2html not. Is there any 
possibility to include the format \url|| in latex2html. Below you
find a quote from the lyx mailing list, that helps to understand the

> >>>>> "Christoph" == Christoph M Friedrich <chris@gfm-mbh.de> writes:
> Christoph> Hi, using lyx1.0.3 there is a bug when exporting an
> Christoph> inserted url as latex, the exported code looks like
> Christoph> \url|http://www.lyx.org|, but instead of vertical bars it
> Christoph> should be {}.  Otherwise links will not work with
> Christoph> latex2html.
> Christoph> Hope someone can change this.
> I am not what to do about that: by default, LaTeX does not understand
> \url, and it needs the url.sty package to work correctly. Since we
> cannot rely on url.sty to be present, we need something else when it
> is not here, so we use \verb. Now,
> 1/ \url understands the notations \url{foo} and \url|foo| (the second
> being useful if there is a } in the URL).
> 2/ \verb only understands the notation \verb|foo|, and we cannot do
> much about that, since verbatim handling is really fragile in LaTeX
> 3/ LaTeX2html only understands the notation \url{foo}
> Since using the {} notation would mean that people who do not have
> url.sty intalled will not be able to print out LyX documentation
> (which is not acceptable), I am reluctant to change that.
> Maybe this should be considered as a bug in LaTeX2HTML, but I am not
> sure how likely it is to be fixed.
> JMarc
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