[l2h] Duplicate content?

Uli Wortmann Uli Wortmann <uliw@erdw.ethz.ch>
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 10:00:10 +0200

>>>>> "Bek" == Bek Oberin <gossamer@tertius.net.au> writes:

    Bek> When I run latex2html on perlintro.tex, I end up with
    Bek> perlintro.html, index.html and node1.html all having the same
    Bek> content.

    Bek> Is there logic behind the duplication, and how can I get rid
    Bek> of it?

Hi Bek,

having index.html duplicate perlintro.tex is sort of a clever move,
since most webservers assume that 

	www.something = www.somthing/index.html 

which saves the user from writing




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