[l2h] Confused about Unicode support

Mariusz Pietrzak Mariusz Pietrzak <mariuszp@polbox.pl>
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 17:04:27 +0200


Ross MOORE wrote:

> Ahh. OK, then the patch is not adequate.
> Change it to:
>  require("$LATEX2HTMLVERSIONS${dd}latin1.pl");

This works well, thank you very much.

> If you don't specify  ,unicode  but just  latin2  then your 8-bit
> characters remain that way; however then \k{E} etc. become images.

Err..., that's true with latin1, the result with latin2 looks like this:

LaTeX source:
\k{a} \'c \k{e} \l{} \'n \'o \'s \'z \.z \\
\k{A} \'C \k{E} \L{} \'N \'O \'S \'Z \.Z

and l2h HTML output:
&#177; &#230; &#234; &#179; &#241; &#243; &#182; &#188; &#191; <BR>
&#161; &#198; &#202; &#163; &#209; &#211; &#166; &#172; &#175; 

so again they are &#<latin2_code> and are not displayed correctly
(tested with
Netscape, Opera and hm... explorer). I have no way of checking it now,
but I 
still think that those should be Unicode numbers (regardles selected
at least then they are displayed correctly.

> What I'd like is for native-speakers to complete these modules.
> Similarly, for translating back into specific 8-bit encodings,
> that work should be done by someone with the need for it,
> and the ability to do adequate testing.

I may, at least, give it a try, tell me more.
I've played with latin2.pl file. It looks like translation is 
based on %iso_8859_2_character_map, eg. by changing '&#161;' (next to
to '&#260;' or even latin2 8-bit character I was able to get the needed
entity or character in HTML. 
And what is %iso_8859_2_character_map_inv for?
And how \k{A} is translated into 'Aogon'?

> > PS:In manual, page 15 - I think that there should be
> > $TITLES_LANGUAGE = 'french'; rather then $LANGUAGE_TITLES = ...
> Not sure, without checking.
> I think either works, with one variable inheriting the value
> of the other if only one has a value.

For me only $TITLES_LANGUAGE worked.


Mariusz Pietrzak