[l2h] l2h vs tth?

Ross MOORE Ross MOORE <ross@ics.mq.edu.au>
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 11:05:02 +1000 (EST)

> >>>>> "ZU" == Zachary Uram <zu22@andrew.cmu.edu> writes:
> ZU> What is difference between latex2html and T_t_H
> ZU> (http://hutchinson.belmont.ma.us/tth/)?
> Basically, latex2html is much better, at least for my purposes.
> Find some tests I did here:
>   http://john.turner.org/l2h_vs_tth/
The basic difference is that LaTeX2HTML is designed to interpret
the intention of the LaTeX source, from the user's point-of-view
(as much as this can be determined/guessed from the source code).
Also, it is designed to produce completely valid HTML source,
that can be viewed in any browser, and avoids deprecated tags
such as <FONT> in favour of images or character entities (for
future use with Unicode-aware browsers).

Tth, on the other hand, makes clever use of the Adobe Symbol font;
via such <FONT> tags and complicated <TABLE> constructions.
This can produced quite nice effects, provided the browser has
all the necessary resources available. However the limitations
of HTML make this approach unworkable for really complicated
mathematics layouts, and is not particularly nice for simpler
common constructions, such as inline fractions, for example.

The other software program that you should consider is TeX4ht.
This operates mainly at the .dvi level, using TeX itself as
the main processor. Already this allows the output format to
be adjusted for HTML, SGML or XML (including MathML).
Currently this is more of a programmer's tool, but like TeX/LaTeX,
this will change as more specialised packages are developed.

The best place to read about LaTeX2HTML and TeX4ht,
and also pdfTeX (for direct production of files readable
in Adobe's Acrobat Reader) is the new book:

 The LaTeX Web Companion,  Addison-Wesley, May 1999.

(search at  http://www.awl.com/ )
Links to Web pages for all of these software items can be
found on the links-page, at  http://www.tug.org/


	Ross Moore