[l2h] graphicx, EPS and latex2html

Steffen Klupsch Steffen Klupsch <steffen@vlsi.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 15:44:38 +0200

JB_McKitterick wrote:
> A simple observation (without any real explanation, 'cause I'm not close
> to understanding much):
> If your eps graphics have gray in them, the process of turning them
> into gif's with transparent background doesn't work properly. In my
> work,
> I use a graphing program called xmgrace to generate graphs. For the most
> part, the generation of gif's work marvelously. But if one of the curves
> on the graph is gray (one of the default colors in xmgrace), the gif
> comes up with a gray-looking background.
> Setting \pagecolor{white} fixes the problem, as does getting rid of the
> gray color in the graph.

The explanation is: 'the lightest color' is made transparent.
If your gray is nearer to white as the default page color....